Director’s Message

Director Sarvesh C. Joshi
Dear all,

It is my pleasure to welcome you all to our institute’s website and I hope that our website will serve actually as it is intended to be. Kindly have a look!

For every student, practise is such a thing that helps to detect, minimize and eliminate mistakes. Perfection is not a God’s gift; it is to be achieved by dedication, hard work and perseverance. Practise leads to perfection and perfection leads to success. Every student must strive for perfection as it is the only way to success. Test series helps students to achieve perfection in their studies. Our test series modules are designed in such a way that students became familiar with rigorous practice and continuous improvement approach.

Many learning platforms are available, but few are available that helps students to evaluate, analyse and improve their performance. Vivekananda Test Series is one of those platforms which are continuously working for the success of students. By joining our test series students gain complete knowledge and confidence about that particular examination.

I, as an educational enthusiast always believe that performance evaluation and improvement are the simple phases one can go through to excel in academic career.

“My best wishes are with all students of Vivekananda Test Series for their bright & successful career.”

Mr. Sarvesh C. Joshi